Plants Transform Your Pool And Patio

While pools can be so enjoyable sharing with family and friends, you also want to have privacy while utilizing the space around your backyard swimming pool. As a swimming pool user sometimes don’t put too much thought into the landscaping surrounding their pool. But there is so much you can do to beautify your pool patio space with some great screening with landscaping. Plants can complement a pool color, add texture to the warm summer atmosphere and add that needed privacy. At SmithScapes we recommend plants that could act as a screening from neighbors having direct vision into your pool and patio. We want you to be able to enjoy your pool without any distractions or reservations of who can see in your backyard. Planting can also give you a soft edge to your surroundings that can create a sense of peace. If you feel like your backyard might be missing something, it could be as simple as the plant selection you currently have. Here’s some great plants that you can add for privacy and screening around your pool:

Great Privacy Trees Around Pools in the Greater Cincinnati Area:

Spring Grove Arborvitaes

The Arborvitae is a columnar evergreen for great screening purposes. Its quick growth habit covers an area of 10’ wide and 20’ tall in a short time.

Norway Spruce

Spruce is another nice evergreen tree for dense screening. It’s a much larger tree that needs room to grow, but can nicely be paired with Arborvitaes or deciduous trees.

Slender Silhouette Sweetgum

Sweetgum is a deciduous tree that loses its leaves in fall and have a columnar growth pattern. This tree has great red fall foliage and pairs nicely with Norway Spruces.

Great Privacy Shrubs/Grasses Around Pools in the Greater Cincinnati Area:

Skip Laurel

Skip Laurel is a dense evergreen shrub that can be grown into an excellent hedge for privacy screening. This quick grower grows about 1’ wide and tall in a year.

Viburnum Species

There are many different varieties of Viburnum that are excellent for privacy screening. There are varieties that are evergreen and deciduous and some that have a great flower in spring/summer.

Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass

Ornamental grasses are another source of great screening/privacy. They are very fast growers and very easy to maintain. This grass doesn’t produce seeds and can tolerate many growing conditions.

There is such an array of plants to choose from. We can help customize the landscaping that surrounds your pool and patio to provide that screening and increase your home value. We can help you select the best pants to fit your needs in regard to longevity, color texture, fast/slow growing to provide the great look for whatever time fame you have in mind for your living space. It’s so important to have plants that you enjoy looking at while relaxing at your pool. Plants can do so much for a space by transforming your outdoor living environment to the getaway that fits your liking.

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