Sprucing Up Your Curb Appeal to Prep for a House Sale

Springtime is approaching, and this is one of the rising times for homeowners to put their homes up on the market. Multiple factors affect the value of what you get out of your home, and landscaping and lawn maintenance play a factor in that. It’s important to give your landscaping a nice facelift if you are thinking of selling your home this spring.

Tips to Beautify the Curb Appeal of your Home for a Future Listing.

  1. Stylize your home with freshly trimmed landscaping to give it a new façade. Mature landscaping can begin to overtake your yard by neglecting the maintenance over the years. Proper trimming of overgrown plants can often be a simple fix for lifting the curb appeal of your landscaping.
  2. Add natural stone to give your landscaping a dimensional effect. Natural stones are easy to maintain to keep looking fresh and can be used as steppingstones or walls.
  3. Homes with landscaping lights tend to stand out and shine brighter than neighboring properties that don’t have landscaping lights. The lights help you to navigate your yard at night. Lights also make your yard safer by giving security cameras enhanced lighting to work efficiently. Landscape lighting can be directed onto home accent pieces to illuminate the best qualities of the façade.
  4. A rising number of homeowners are implementing sprinkler systems in their lawn. The last thing people want to do to keep their yard healthy is dragging the heavy hose in and out of their yard daily, face it, it’s a hassle. If you want a leg up when you go to sell, adding lawn sprinklers will make you stand out amongst competitors.
  5. Maintaining the appearance of your outdoor structures can help your home’s value rise. Those outdoor structures include outdoor living spaces, decks, and pergolas. It’s valuable to have sound structures that are in pristine condition when you go to sell. If these outdoor features are in disrepair, it may affect what a future homeowner is willing to pay for your home.
  6. If your budget doesn’t allow for many repairs our best advice is… Is to keep your lawn maintained and edged along with a freshening up of mulch and trimmed plantings. When selling your home, appearance is everything!