The Time To Think About Swimming Pools is Now

SmithScapes has been in business for over 20 years and we have developed and expanded our service in a multitude of ways over this time period. We offer services such as patios, retaining walls, lawn sprinklers, landscaping lighting, masonry, and outdoor structures. But some of our favorite projects that we offer are our swimming pools in the tristate area from Cincinnati, Southeastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky.

At SmithScapes we are thrilled to work with you on renovating an existing pool or installing a new pool year round. Yes, you read that right, YEAR ROUND! If the weather is warm, sunny, and 90 degrees, or maybe it’s a cloudy 40-degree day with snow on the forecast later in the week, we are here for you and that means swimming pools too! November and December are great months to contact SmithScapes to create a plan for our pool services. Fall and winter there is more time to plan for that backyard oasis as it is a common misconception that swimming pools cannot be renovated and/or installed during cooler weather. But lucky for you, we are informing you of the inside secret to get your backyard ahead for when the warmer months are here! PLAN NOW! Often in the tri-state area, the weather during these months can be favorable and give SmithScapes the opportunity to dig, pour concrete, and install plumbing. We will manage the entire project from the first idea to the completed installation. We have a team of professionals that will walk you through the process from design, installation, and maintenance.

Here are some of the pool services we offer

  • Customizable In-Ground Pools: At SmithScapes we offer fiberglass, liner and gunite pools. The wonderful thing about installing new in-ground pools is that they are 100% customizable, from the liner color to the stairs/benches inside, or even the added water features. Our goal is to make the outdoor oasis of your dreams and give you the perfect pool to enjoy all summer long or to be a fun addition to entertain family or friends for years to come.
  • Pool Renovation: Pools that have aged or have not been taken care of adequately may need a little update. We at SmithScapes can walk you through a budget planned renovation on your existing pool whether it be liner, fiberglass or gunite. Pool plumbing concerns or liner, fiberglass, or gunite issues can be worked on at the same time as the rest of the pool renovation.
  • Advanced Features: If your dream pool looks like what you see in the movies, we got you covered. With water features like fountains and waterfalls. Systems that you can connect to your pool and control on your mobile device. Adding heaters to enjoy your pool for longer periods of time like early spring or going into those fall months. LED lighting can change colors to make your pool to be numerous colors. Or maybe you want to add a diving board. SmithScapes is an expert in creating a perfect pool setting that you will love.

What are you waiting for?
What is holding you back?
Contact us today at 513-467-1100 and get ready for swim season! Now is the perfect time to think about your dream yard project. With 20 years of local experience, we will walk you through the process with some of Greater Cincinnati’s top pool experts.