The Ultimate Key to Freshening Up Your Yard

The spring months are approaching and when you look outside the plants and trees are starting to bud. That means it’s time to get the rest of your yard ready for spring too! The 3 most common steps to freshening your yard are to mulch your planting beds, prune existing plants, and fertilize existing plants and lawns. SmithScapes is here to help you freshen up your home’s plant beds this spring with mulching, pruning, and fertilizing services.

Let’s talk Mulch.

Mulch can be an affordable way to add dimension to your outdoor space. It’s known for improving your property’s appearance,  plant health, stabilizing soil, slowing moisture evaporation, and preventing weeds. There are several types of mulch. The most common type of mulch is Dyed Black Hardwood mulch. There is also the Natural Brown Hardwood Mulch. Your next level of mulch options can be Cedar Mulch, Pine Straw Mulch, and Grade A Cypress Mulch. A less common kind of mulch that you can use is Rubber Mulch, which is composted tires. We can help you pick the best options based on your planting bed location and needs.

Pruning is a MUST.

Spring is the most common time for landscape companies to trim deciduous and evergreen plants. This is an ideal time because the plant is just starting to come out of winter dormancy and can cut back the plant from the previous summer’s growth. The best time to trim back flowering shrubs is before the flower buds take off so that you can still have the plant flower after pruning.

Trimming is different than pruning. Trimming is shearing back the previous year’s growth on the plant to keep the plant at a certain preferable size. Pruning is taking a plant and selectively only cutting off certain branches that are dead, growing out of sorts or that may look diseased.  You use pruning more commonly on ornamental trees and specimen shrubs. SmithScapes can help you out with your planting beds in taking care of your deciduous and evergreen plants in the best manner need for optimal year growth.

If you don’t get your plants trimmed nicely in the spring, no worries, we do fall cleanup projects as well. Fall is another great time to give your evergreen or deciduous plants a good trim back when the plant is starting to set into their dormant state.

Spring Cleanup.

SmithScapes has your back if you don’t have the time to get a nice spring cleanup done on your property. We will add roundup to your beds to kill the weeds, trim your plants, clean up the clippings, bed edge between the beds and grass areas, mulch, and clean up any other debris that you may have in your planting beds.

SmithScapes is a landscape service company that specializes in landscape cleanups, patio installations, planting installations, outdoor covered structures, swimming pools, and any other outside element that you might be interested in. Give us a call for a free consultation at 513-467-1100. With over 23 years of local experience, we can help you with any of your outdoor living needs.